As part of PSFK & Jawbone‘s Connect Up design competition, my friend, Michael of Mr. UX, came up with Jawbone Orchestra and I made a video for the concept.  
What is your process for concepting new products, interactions or designs?
At the beginning of the process we always try to best understand the problem or friction, the actor(s) that are involved, and the environment they all exist in before setting out to come up with the idea or solution. From there we just try to make everything seem as real as possible, as quickly as possible, through whiteboarding or sketching wireframes or coming up with a prototype and putting it in peoples’ hands. The faster you can go from conceptual to real, the faster everyone gets on the same page about what it is.
For Orchestra it all came together pretty quickly. A brainstorm, some scriptwriting, and thanks to Sung a video concept inside of 2 days.
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